NEW: White Shark Interest Group Podcast Series – #001 – FIRST ENCOUNTERS


First in an exciting podcast series from Ricardo Lacombe of the White Shark Interest Group.

Here is Episode 1 of the White Shark Interest Group Podcast, Facebook’s largest White Shark specific group, covering science, conservation, news, photography, video and debate.

This episode features the group founder Dirk Schmidt, alongside admins Javier Rios and Ricardo Lacombe discussing the origins of the groups, the love of Jaws and its impact on white shark advocacy, social media for sharks… and killer cows!

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Ricardo Lacombe

Ricardo Lacombe

Ricardo Lacombe has worked in the film & television industry for over thirteen years. He is the creator of the documentary Great White Shark Legend and as well as working on videos for shark diving operators, he also is an admin of the White Shark Interest Group, Facebook’s largest white shark specific group.

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