New training app for freedivers launched


A new training app for freedivers called Apnea Diver has been launched for smartphones and tablets and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Created specifically with free divers, apnea swimmers and spearfishing enthusiasts in mind, the app offers instruction on how to expand lung capacity and the amount of time you can spend underwater.

The Apnea Diver app contains a series of apnea breath hold static tables which the developers of the app claim will improve your lung capacity if practiced three to four times a week. The app gives users the option to set their maximum breath hold time, which will be saved to the in-app log book so you can keep track of your progress. Settings for the static tables are automatically adjusted according to your maximum breath hold time (show settings page) or can be altered manually if they user has specific requirements.

There are 3 breathing training tables: CO2- aimed at increasing carbon dioxide expulsion, O2 – aimed at increasing oxygen intake and Pranayama – aimed at warming up the lungs in preparation for a dive or used for meditation and relaxation. Users can select the number of cycles they wish to do for each exercise, and all completed tables will be recorded in the log book.

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