New Shipwreck In Grenada – The MV Anina


The “Wreck Capital of the Caribbean” has added another vessel to its ever expanding portfolio. At 6.20 on March 21st, the MV “Anina” sank to her final resting place on a sandy bottom near the famous “Purple Rain reef.” The wreck sank undamaged and is resting now on its starboard side in 30m / 100ft of water.

The “Anina” was anchored non-operational for several years near the Grenada fish market. Not being able to look after the ship, the owner volunteered it to the Grenada Tourism Authority. The GTA together with GHTA and GSDA raised funds for cleaning and sinking the ship. As most of it was done, the ship started taking on water so she was towed to her final destination, where she sank as planned. The Aquanauts Grenada team was first on scene to evaluate the safety of the wreck for diving. The first group of divers enjoyed the wreck an hour later.

The bottom of the ship is totally covered in Orange Cup Coral, home to many fish. It’s spring time, so large schools of Silversides have already taken immediate shelter from the many Jacks,  Tuna and other pelagics hunting them. MV “Anina” is the perfect dive site for Advanced Open Water divers with Nitrox certification and divers who want to upgrade their training.

Built in 1970 in East Germany under the name “MS Trinwillershagen”, the 60 m / 200 ft container cargo vessel was cruising the Baltic and North Sea from her home port of Rostock. After the German unification she made her way via Holland and Belgium to St. Vincent in the Caribbean. Under the new name MV “Anina”, she began shipping cargo between the islands from 1992. Due to mechanical and financial troubles she finally got stuck in Grenada and was likely to become a shipping hazard.

Many of the shipwrecks around Grenada have sunk accidentally, including the famous cruise ship “Bianca C”. The “Anina” was the first intentional and successfully sunk wreck for the world famous diving destination.

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Come and dive “Anina” during their next special “Wreck week”, July 28th to August 4th 2018. Starting from 1653 US$, alternatively join the the annual Grenada Dive Fest in October!

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