NEW: RAID UK & Malta 25/50/100 Rule


RAID is one of the fastest growing diver training agencies in the world and now, the team at regional office RAID UK & Malta have made an unprecedented approach to rewarding the hard work of their member base. In return for conducting the highest quality courses in the industry, RAID UK & Malta have made a commitment to discount annual membership fees.

A letter with a “pat on the back” message is not appropriate for a year’s hard graft. How many times have instructors received their “elite” status and wished they could be rewarded with something more worthwhile than a cert card sticker? After all, the members are the heart of any training agency – RAID recognise that without them, the agency will never reach it’s potential.

RAID take all suggestions from their members seriously. RAID Instructors and Dive Centres are actively invited to critique courses and put forward improvements. This also extends to membership services. RAID may not be the largest training agency in the world, and nor do they strive to be; instead they are a close-knit family where every instructor is valued. When a new idea is proposed or concern aired, RAID listen.

RAID UK & Malta want to reward their members for their hard work and dedication to RAID. Within the renewal period of October to October:

  • Any RAID Instructor that certifies 25 students will receive a 50% reduction on their online renewal fee for their next renewal
  • Any RAID Instructor that certifies 50 students will receive FREE membership for their next renewal
  • Any RAID Dive Centre that certifies 100 students will receive FREE Dive Centre membership for their next renewal

With renewals on the horizon, there is no better time to get in touch! If you are considering becoming a RAID Instructor, regular Instructor Development Programs and Cross Over courses are held throughout the region.

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