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The Katana 2 harness sets a new standard in sidemount diving. Designed in collaboration with Edd Sorenson from Cave Adventurers, Hollis has developed a unique new “Quick Fit System” which allows users to easily tailor the one-size-fits-all harness to their specific size or adjustment preference in a matter of minutes.

The sidemount category has evolved to more of a minimalist, low profile and modular style, and Hollis’ new low-profile SMS Katana 2 has evolved with it. Katana 2 is designed for the dedicated sidemount diver who is looking for every configuration imaginable, from warm water to cold, wet to dry, steel to aluminum tanks, open circuit to sidemount CCR. Katana 2 is an improvement over the previous Katana version with a low profile, modular and more streamlined and minimalist design.

The single bladder Katana 2 provides versatility for all types of diving and is ideal for recreational sidemount or those who use a drysuit for redundancy. The dual bladder option is ideal for technical dives using a wetsuit. Both configurations are available separately, or the single option can become a dual option later by adding the dual kit. Plus, the Quick Fit system on the Katana 2 allows the torso to quickly adjust up or down depending on the diver’s height, enabling one-size-fits-all customization.

“The coolest thing about the Katana 2 is that you can run it however you want,” explained Brand Manager Nick Hollis. “Everybody’s a little bit different when it comes to technical diving, and the key benefit of the Katana 2 is that those people can make all of the adjustments and decisions for themselves. It goes back to our goal at Hollis of making sure each harness is comfortable and properly fits each individual that’s using it.”

Key Features

  • Sidemount Only
  • Incredibly Streamlined
  • Warm and Cold Water
  • Single and Dual Bladder
  • CE Approved
  • Rear attachment for spoolsor accessories
  • Canister Light Mount
  • No Belly Band
  • Flexible rear panel for added overhead protection
  • Quick Fit system enables one-size-fits-all fitting

Wing Design

  • Flexible rear plate for overhead protection against punctures and abrasion
  • Internal baffle design prevents the over expansion of the wing creating a dome effect
  • Top dump allows venting of gas without reaching behind the wing like in other designs–major benefit in high, low, or restricted areas
  • Widest point of the wing attaches to the waist strap, keeps the air center of the weight of tanks, and eliminates the belly band feature
  • Integrated bungee design pulls down uppermost portion of the wing. As wing inflates, it helps pull tanks in line with the diver. Helps avoid uncomfortable wrapping of bungee around diver’s back found on other designs
  • Inflation retainer on left and right sides are reversible, or can add a 2nd dump if preferred
  • Includes new mounting locations for canister light and other accessories.

The Katana 2 comes with a Hollis 2-year warranty that covers materials and manufacturing defects.

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