New BSAC tech event to take place at Stoney Cove in May


Responding to member feedback, the East Midlands Regional Team and BSAC Technical team are organising ‘Try Tech’ – a brand new rebreather ‘have a go’ weekend at Stoney Cove, Leicestershire on 20-21 May.

For scuba divers thinking of going down the rebreather route or equally, for rebreather divers that fancy trying another brand or type of unit, this new event is expected to fill up fast.

There will be four repeated sessions over the weekend that members can sign up for. Sessions will include a 20-30 minute presentation to introduce rebreather diving and the basics on how rebreathers work. This will be followed by a one and a half hour practical session with the open water try dive. There will be a 2:1 ratio of BSAC tech instructors to participants for the open water element.

The weekend will provide a great opportunity for like-minded members to meet and chat about rebreather diving, plus to talk to the BSAC Technical team about training opportunities and any next steps. Organiser and BSAC Coaching Advisor Adrian Collier said: “We’ve noticed a growing interest in rebreather diving recently in the East Mids region and are excited about the potential of this new event, which could, if successful, be expanded out across the BSAC network.”

The event is being supported by AP Diving, Liberty and Poseidon.

More info and booking details – Try Tech booking 

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BSAC members must be a minimum of Sports Diver (or recognised equivalent) to participate in rebreather try dives.

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