Nautilus announce new DIVEPRO M4 light


A new multi-function dive light, the DIVEPRO M4, is coming soon! 

This new dive light is an ideal addition for any diver, underwater photographer or videographer.

Waterproof to 100m, this lightweight torch offer a range of modes offering the user the change to select colour, power and beam angle. At the wide angle setting giving a 90 degree beam, at high power, the battery will last 50 minutes and at low power an impressive 120 minutes. The beam angle can be narrowed to a spot light of just 7 degrees.

The light also has a handy battery power indicator around the on/off button that shows blue when you have over 70% battery life, green between 30-70% and red when the battery drops below 30%.

Built-in Copper Conductive Tube with Higher Performance

The M4 allows the user to switch between normal white light, to red, blue and UV. Perfect for underwater photographers and videographers, this light also comes with a ball attachment to mount to existing cameras rigs.

RRP: £307.50

For more information about Nautilus please visit their website by clicking here.

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