NASE offers Instructors aquaSketch Waterproof Apps

Diver training agency NASE Worldwide, in collaboration with aquaSketch Inc., is now offering the NASE Confined and Open Water Checklists to their instructors as aquaSketch waterproof Apps.
NASEThe NASE Worldwide Confined and Open Water Instructor Checklists are being packaged with the aquaSketch Minno and are only available to certified NASE Instructors through NASE Worldwide.
AquaSketch, the world’s only scrolling slate, not only offers divers a platform for unlimited notation and communication underwater but also the ability to easily access custom reference material – notes, maps, charts, etc.,  during dives. In addition to the wide assortment of pre-printed “Apps” (scrolls), aquaSketch can also custom design Apps for resorts and dive operators at a fraction of the cost of printing on plastic slates — at much lower minimums.
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