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Messing around on the river… and learning to dive



University year 1 is almost over, but it’s getting more difficult the nearer to the end of the year. Tests are being piled up and coursework is just adding to it. University is great, don’t get me wrong. It’s just tiring at times; however, to be honest, I expected it, ha ha.

Scuba Diving is going great! I have almost finished my Advanced Open Water Course and will soon be going to Dive into a lake 2 hours away from the University. I am really looking forward to it!

I have learnt so much whilst being at University and would advise anyone and everyone that going to University and Scuba Diving are both worthwhile experiences. I can’t believe I have nearly finished my first year!

I know so much more than I did when I started and am working at a 2.2 standard when it comes to my current performance. I am aiming for a 2.1 and will get it!! Besides work, I took a little weekend break a while ago to Wales, Llandudno (pronounced clandudno) to be exact. It was brilliant. I’m an adventure sports kind of person and went kayaking with my house-mate. It was definitely a good idea to take a break. It helped us both clear our heads and relax a little. I fell in 3 times, however 2 of the times was due to being pushed. It was a lot of fun and I would advise anyone that weekend breaks are good for you. You need to be able to balance out work and fun.

My recent adventures in Scuba Diving involved my training in the local pool. I already know how to use the equipment, so this time we were taught the basics on how to do a kit check with your buddy and jumping into the water with the gear on!!! (Such a thrill.) Under the water, I had to take off all of the equipment and put it back on. Then I had to swim a distance in the deep end without my mask on. Honestly, I swallowed a lot of the water that went up my nose. Luckily I didn’t inhale it, and I was so proud of myself when I had done it. I thought I would panic, but I just reminded myself that I could breathe fine since I had the regulator in and the instructors wouldn’t let anything bad happen (too much paperwork if anything did).

I am actually coming to the end of my scuba course so I am going to start the rescue diver course next. It will cost me £295, but I know that it will be completely worth it.

I hope many people are now considering Scuba Diving. The Scubaverse website is brilliant for anyone who gets into it. I definitely recommend both!

Katherine is currently a student at the university of Hull in her first year of studying Marine and Freshwater Biology. She hopes to become a Freelance Marine Biologist specializing in the cetaceans of the sea.

Dive Training Blogs

Dream Dive Locker Build Out. Part I: Demolition (Watch Video)



It’s finally here! Time to start building the greatest dive locker the world has ever seen! Part I: Demolition! #dreamdivelocker

This is the first of a series of videos showing the evolution of building out my dream dive locker. My dream dive locker needs to be dive gear drying and storage, dry storage, workshop, office, editing suite, You Tube studio and classroom. That’s a lot of functions for a small space!

The first step is planning out the space and demolishing the laminate flooring. Then I taped up the walls to get a feel for the space. We have a lot of work to do!

But finally we will have a purpose built space to house all of our dive equipment! Subscribe to our channel to follow our progress! 

Thanks for watching, Team!


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Dive Training Blogs

5 Ways To Use Less Gas When Scuba Diving



5 Ways To Use Less Gas When Scuba Diving. There is no magic wand to having an amazing SAC rate. You have to do the work!

We’re covering how to perfect your core skills as a scuba diver to help you use your gas more efficiently, plus how the art of zen can help you breathe less gas whilst scuba diving.

How can I breath less gas whilst diving? A very common question I get asked all the time and on the subject of breathing itself. There is a right way and many different wrong ways to breath whilst scuba diving. I’ll explain the difference.

Thanks for watching, as always! D.S.D.O James

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