March 2016 Video Contest Winner And Review



Winner: Klemens Gann

Winning Video: 

Another month over. Where does time go? Thanks to all who entered the video competition and well done for all the obvious hard work put into each film. I have commented on each video below so please do read my thoughts on them to help give you ideas for your next production. With spring and summer fast approaching, I wish you all happy diving and look forward to seeing more videos.

Nightvision, a magical night dive – Klemens Gann

Watch Klemen’s video here.

Interesting images. At first I thought an ultraviolet light was being used to create the colour but as the video went on it just looked like a green cast. This certainly gave a ghostly quality to the video which was enhanced by the music and slow speed of the action in the shots. All quite surreal and moody. Reminded me slightly of a dream sequence in a martial arts movie. I would love to know what you did to get the green cast and perhaps a note to say what it was you were trying to achieve.

Shark Life – Sea Chinn

Watch Sean’s video here.

Wonderful sharks on what must have been a very exciting dive. Right from the start though I did find the music a bit to heavy for the tranquillity shown in the images. The lyrics fitted well but the tempo was fighting the feel of the pictures. The shots of the sharks in amongst the divers were terrific, well exposed and framed. Then came the manatee which were all nicely shot and I loved the rolling. But once again the music was to heavy and detracted from from images. And then back to sharks………

While it was all well shot, try to think more about the whole presentation. Choosing suitable music to enhance the images, having some sort of theme if possible to make a story, consider adding some facts about the images either in narration or graphics.

Finding Nemo – Tony Reed

Watch Tony’s video here.

Great story opening to the film which took us to the Nemo dive tank in Brussels. This was then followed by a some nice underwater shots in the facility and just as I was getting settled into the video…… it ended. Have a think about a re-edit where I would suggest adding more of the underwater experience you had and then finishing the film back on the surface on the way home (just to make a more rounded video for the viewers). The very last shot was good though.

Diving Raja Ampat – Matthias Lebo

Watch Matthias’ video here.

Hi Matt. Another great film from you but I think it’s time to move on a bit now from the simple catalogue of nice images that I’ve just watched. How about a bit of a story, perhaps a few behavioural sequences rather than basic snapshots. No matter how beautiful images are, at some point they can become a little boring without a little extra something to keep them alive in the audiences mind. As always your videoing was superb with steady and sharp images, all well exposed and framed.

Cave Diving at Isla Alamo, Tulum – Mexico – Tom St George

From the title alone I was looking forward to watching this Tom, but sadly all I got was the following message: ‘Oops! The embedded code for this video is not valid’. Try to upload again for April’s competition if you can. (If you have trouble Tom, let me know and I will guide you through the process. Dave, Editor)

This month the winner is Night vision, a magical night dive by Klemens Gann who tried to do something different and succeeded. The music fitted well with the images which were intriguing. Well done Klemens!


Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman is the Conservation editor and also the Underwater Videography Editor for Jeff is an award winning TV wildlife and underwater cameraman and film maker. With over 10,000 dives to his credit he has dived in many different environments around the world.

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