Malta’s Newborn Institute of Diving Medicine and Safety Unveils its Programme


Malta’s first Institute of Diving Medicine and Safety (IDMS) has unveiled its academic programme as part of its efforts to continue making Malta a hub for diving excellence worldwide.

The IDMS aims to promote a broad academic education program by designing specific course curricula in the field of Diving Medicine, Safety and Research.

“Malta can attract divers not only for its submerged beauties, but for the opportunity to find the best training for the safe and profitable implementation of diving activities, be it for recreation and tourism, science, technology or industrial scopes,” said Prof. Alessandro Marroni, founder of DAN Europe.

Now a full Training and Education Program has been established in order to bring life to the project.

Programs are addressed to Divers, Diving Professionals, Diving and Hyperbaric Technicians and Physicians, and include: Diving First Aid and Emergency Management, Diving Safety and Risk Assessment, Marine Biology and Conservation, Diving Research and Citizen Science Programs, and Diving Medicine Programs for Professionals, Nurses, Technicians and Physicians.

Prof. Marroni added: “Our purpose is to promote a culture of diving safety in the first place, in an island where much has already been done, thanks to the local dive community and to very active institutions such as the PDSA (Professional Diving Schools Association).

A number of highly reputed institutions and experts, including the European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine (ECHM), the European College of Baromedicine, the University of Ancona, and the University of Stellenbosch, in addition to PDSA, have already confirmed their support as Faculty Members and Partner Institutions.

As the diving season will come to a close, a pilot course aiming at certifying local dive operators will be organised. Diving operators will in turn become Tutors and Mentors for the future Students of the IDMS, helping establishing a long-term calendar for Training and Education Programs.

Last May, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between DAN Europe and the Malta Institute of Tourism Studies, for the creation of an institution of excellence, the International Institute of Diving Medicine and Safety (IDMS), under the supervision of the Malta Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Education.

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