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Magic Oceans in Anda, Bohol, besides offering a fantastic dive experience, also has a family package to suit every family member! They know that parents who dive want to do just that, but also spend time with their children. However, parents can only be in one place at a time, and the decision to be underwater or above it can be a difficult one – who is taking care of the children? Especially for these moments, Magic Oceans have created a family package so that parents can go diving and their children can have a fantastic holiday too. Parents don’t have to miss out on the incredible dive experience the Philippines has to offer and their children can enjoy activities and adventures in and around Anda, Bohol. A worry-free holiday for the whole family!

The Activities

While the parents are enjoying the different dive sites, the Magic Oceans team will be with their children enjoying some Summer Camp activities. Some activities will take a whole day, others will take only a few hours. The nannies, who are mothers themselves, will take care of the children while they make cookies, eat ice creams, swim, or learn to make a fire like a real Indian!

Of course, the parents can join in on all 10 of the activities the package has to offer. Some activities will take place after dinner, so parents can dive during the day and join the kids at night to see over a hundred fireflies dancing in the trees on a river trip on the Fairytale Forest Tour.

During a holiday everybody wants to enjoy the sun, sea, beach and the incredible marine life. Magic Oceans offers this opportunity for children too. Children from 6 years old and up can snorkel around the area and spot sea turtles and nemos.

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