Liquid Sports announce NEW BARE Elate and Revel wetsuits


Liquid Sports has announced that the NEW BARE Elate and Revel wetsuits are now in stock at LS warehouse and ready to ship.

These suits are the replacement for the SFlex and Nixie. The styles and prices are listed below:


Mans Revel 

  • 002192 7mm  RRP £254.95
  • 002191 5mm   RRP £239.95
  • 002190 3/2mm   RRP £139.95
  • 001190 2mm Shorty  RRP £109.95

Ladies Elate

  • 002492 7mm  RRP £254.95
  • 002491 5mm  RRP £239.95
  • 002490 3/2mm  RRP £139.95
  • 001490 2mm Shorty  RRP £109.95

For more information visit the Liquid Sports website by clicking here.

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