Learn Underwater Videography skills and film the wrecks and reefs of the Algarve with Jeff Goodman


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Jeff Goodman, director, award-winning TV cameraman and Scubaverse’s Underwater Videography and Conservation editor, is leading an underwater videography workshop that will focus on the wrecks and reefs of the Algarve in Portugal from the 4th – 11th October.

In association with Subnauta Diving and Ocean Revival, the course is very flexible and can cater for the complete beginner to the budding professional. Cameras, lights and editing facilities are all provided for free for those who do not have their own equipment.

Jeff wreck sternThere are more than 50 dive sites in the area and a number of interesting historical wrecks that attract dive enthusiasts every year, not least of which is the unique Ocean Revival underwater dive park.This innovative project involved the sinking of four decommissioned Portuguese navy ships off the coast between Praia da Rocha and Alvor, forming an amazing dive attraction and promoting the regeneration of natural reefs and biodiversity in the area.

Jeff SeahorseThere is also the opportunity to visit the Ria Formosa Natural Underwater Park, home to one of the largest seahorse communities in the world. There are two resident species, the long-snouted seahorse, hippocampus guttulatus, and the short-snouted seahorse, hippocampus hippocampus.

Here’s a video from one of Jeff’s previous Underwater Videography workshops to the Algarve:

[youtube id=”c7FLZti_miU” width=”100%” height=”400px”]

For full details on the course and location visit the Portugal page of Jeff’s web site here.

To book a place on the course email Hidden Depths Dive Tours at info@hiddendepthsdivetours.com, or contact Jeff directly by emailing him at jeffgoodman@supanet.com.

For more information about Jeff, visit www.jeffgoodman.co.uk.

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