Lavacore now available in the UK


NeverRest Ltd and Liquid Sports Germany have joined forces to bring the Lavacore products that you love back into the UK market place with immediate effect.

LavaCore Essential Exposure Protection Garments use a simple yet effective layering formula. They combine Ultraflex Durable Outer Protection, a Waterproof / breathable Inter-Membrane and an Insulative Thermal Inner Layer.

It is the unique combination of these layers that makes Lavacore’s fabric float between lines not yet crossed by anything on the market. Part Neoprene, Part Lycra, Part Thermal. Call it what you like, but this range has to be worn to be believed; the fabric stands in a league of its own. The unique synthetic construction closely matches the stretch and movement of a traditional Lycra rash vest, yet provides the insulation qualities similar to that of a Thermal and remains neutrally buoyant, working in harmony with water like a Neoprene wetsuit.

Lavacore: The Range

The Lavacore exposure systems are available in numerous combinations including long and short sleeve shirts, long trousers and shorts as well as vest tops, gloves, booties and hoods. This allows the water-sports enthusiast to adjust their thermal protection according to the surface and water temperatures. Close to the skin, the soft internal fleece combined with high 4-way stretch produces the ultimate comfort/warmth/weight ratio, making Polytherm a true leader amongst artificial/man-made fabrics within the water-sports industry. Wet or dry, hot or cold, Polytherm helps control your core temperature longer, and when wet maintains neutral buoyancy, crucial to divers and any high activity water sports enthusiast.

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