Largest Dive Organisation in Singapore Joins SSI



Asia Dive AcademySSI_DEMAAfter a long relationship with PADI, Asia Dive Academy (ADA) announced that they will become the SSI Service Centre for Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. Asia Dive Academy currently owns five dive centres, a liveaboard, a dive travel company, an equipment distribution company among other operations in Singapore. They have also recently expanded regionally with a dive centre in Phuket and Kuala Lumpur as well as two dive centres in Indonesia. This change took effect on the 5th of September 2016.

This move comes with the intention to “drastically improve dive training standards and the industry” as well as to make scuba diving more accessible to everyone. ADA has a vision to make “every Singaporean a diver” with the long term goal of conservation. They aim to protect and preserve the region’s coastal areas by creating opportunities through diving. And according to founder and CEO Jacki Ng, this move brings them closer to achieving that goal.

The dive industry in Singapore is faced with many inherent challenges. The absence of a natural reef with spectacular dive conditions for instance, makes carving a career in this niche industry a daunting task.

ADA aspires to revolutionise this by widening the educational and career opportunities for vocational work. Youths will be able to acquire the skills and expertise they need to be successful in the dive industry while having the chance to start their own dive operations.

ADA certifies close to 3,000 divers every year and this move transforms the Singapore dive industry by making SSI the dominant training agency in the country.

About Asia Dive Academy

Asia Dive Academy is the premier education and training centre for professional and recreational diving. Since it was founded in 1996, it has served over 42,000 divers. ADA holds the instructor exam five times a year, and trains the largest number of dive professionals in Singapore annually.

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