KUBI Wins EUROTEK 2016 Innovation Award


KUBIKUBI Dry Gloves received the EUROTEK award for enabling others to further their diving over the weekend (Saturday 8th October).

Peter Kubicka was presented with the European Advanced Diving Conference Innovation Award at the Gala Dinner hosted by EUROTEK founders, Rosemary Lunn and Leigh Bishop.

Divers from all over the world vote for the EUROTEK Awards.

The EUROTEK Innovation Award is given to an advanced or technical diving product or service that has enabled you to further your diving, or made your diving safer”.

When announcing Peter Kubicka as the winner, Richie Kohler, the Award Presentation Host said: “This year’s winner has certainly had a positive impact on diver safety and well being. 

KUBI“The driving force behind this award winning product is an ardent diver, who took his first fin steps in 1984. Like a number of successful equipment manufacturers he drew on his personal experience, using his own diving as a test bed to ensure everything he created and manufactured, worked.

“Today this product is the item of choice for many technical divers around the world. Just walk around a temperate water diver site and you’ll soon spot it being worn.

“It is no surprise that the dry suit industry is whole heartedly supporting it too; a wide range of quality drysuit manufacturers including O’Three, Otter and Santi install it on their suits.”

For further information on KUBI products, call +44 (0)1162 388255, email sales@KUBIstore.com or visit www.KUBIstore.com.


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