KUBI Dry Glove Systems now available in four sizes


KUBIKUBI Dry Glove Systems are available in four sizes, after the addition of the new smaller size of 70mm.

This size offers a new smaller system to make KUBI Dry Gloves even more accessible to a wider range of customers & drysuit manufacturers now using KUBI as standard.

KUBI Standard System

  • Fits to the latex or silicon seals of your existing drysuit
  • No alterations required to your drysuit
  • Available in 70, 80, 90 & 100mm sizes

KUBI Fitted System

  • Installed to your drysuit by your Drysuit manufacturer
  • Uses the same KUBI glove side system as the KUBI standard system

KUBI Glove Side Set Only

  • Glove side system available as a separate product

Replacement Latex & Thermal Gloves

  • a wide range of spares & alternate gloves available to suit your requirements in size small to XXL

All available to order online, in your local dive store or via your Drysuit manufacturer.

For a wide range of informational videos as well as testimonial videos visit www.kubistore.com

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