Kubi Dry Glove System now available from Hammond Drysuits



The Kubi Dry Glove System is now available as an optional upgrade on all made to measure drysuits within the scuba diving range of drysuits from Hammond Drysuits.

Offering divers a high quality latex glove, the Kubi Dry Glove System incorporates the simple yet practical Kubi unique aluminium ring seal system. There are two Kubi glove systems available from Hammond Drysuits. The Fitted Kubi system, which is permanently bonded directly to the drysuit, gives the wearer the flexibility to change their own latex wrist seals when they need to. The second is the Standard Kubi system which can be retrofitted to existing latex wrist seals. This system gives the wearer an easy option to change and fit gloves without having to alter their original suit.

There are three ring sizes available; 80mm, 90mm or 100mm, and there are four different gloves. In black there is the standard at 1.6mm latex, a medium weight latex and heavier more durable 2.4mm latex. In a lighter colour the glove is available in 1mm latex. This colour is better in areas of poor visibility as your hand signals will be clearer.

There are a further three options for the thermal inner glove layer: a standard industrial knitted glove, a sub-zero factor 2 glove and a Merino Wool upgrade option. “The Kubi is one of the best glove options available to divers today,” commented Chris Hammond, managing director at Hammond Drysuits. “The system is very flexible and the glove can be fitted as an upgrade option to new suits, or it can be retrofitted to existing suits.”

The Kubi Dry Glove System is available from Hammond Drysuits now. Contact the team on www.hammond-drysuits.co.uk, email chris@hammond-drysuits.co.uk or cal +44 (0)1474 704123 to find out how you can get this unique system on your drysuit.

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