Kid’s Sea Camp making European debut at boot 2015


The goal of Kid’s Sea Camp is to encourage children to become enthusiastic about sharing their parents’ love for the ocean and to learn fun things. The program is designed to promote an awareness of marine related issues with a strong focus on conservation. The teaching includes education in a classroom environment as well as hands-on programs that teach age appropriate curriculum. Subject to the age of the child, they have a choice of joining any of these programs: SASY (snorkeling), SEAL TEAM (the first stage of scuba diving, experienced in an enclosed shallow environment), Junior Open Water Certification (scuba diving training for kids 10 and up) and the Teen Ocean Discovery program (advanced programs for certified divers, working on continued education and certifications).

In July 2015, Kid’s Sea Camp will host one event each in Yap, Micronesia and in Palau, perfectly tying in with the European summer holidays. The one week program includes diving and snorkeling, dinner events such as beach BBQs and lectures and presentations on the ocean and its inhabitants. Other locations include Bonaire, St. Lucia, Grand Cayman, Honduras and Fiji.

Margo Peyton, president of Kid’s Sea Camp and member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame, is excited about the market entry in Europe: “In our 15 years of existence, we have certified more than 5,400 kids. It is a great experience to see how the youngsters naturally embrace the ocean and the marine wonders it holds for us. I strongly believe that the future of our environment depends on teaching the young ones how fragile that ecosystem is and how important its protection is. We already have a few guests from Europe attending our fun family weeks. We think that there is a great potential in the European market and are keen to further diversify the nationality mix of our customers to make Kid’s Sea Camp a truly international event.”

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