Join the California Sea Lion Surveillance Network


Capture the mysterious behavior of sea lions on your devices and help to protect this species

Thanks to a significant advance in technology, electronic devices now allow us to share photos and videos in real-time. A proposed project that is currently looking for funding aims to use these advances to benefit the California sea lion, a priority species from the Gulf of California.

With your support, it will be possible to establish the first step of a pilot project to create a social surveillance network focused on this species, which will consist of placing the first video camera in a California sea lion colony located in the Gulf of California with the aim to create a future internet platform, which people can access from any device. The goal is to provide knowledge about this amazing creatures.

The implementation of a website and a mobile app will give the community the opportunity to get involved and care for the wellbeing of the California sea lion. Once the website and the app have been consolidated, interactive and informative activities could also be developed. All this will help society to learn about and participate in conservation, providing next generations the chance to enjoy these magnificent marine mammals in their natural habitat.

To find out more and to contribute to this project, click here.


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