Jeff Goodman Reviews Benny the Blenny’s Shallow Sea Adventure by Teresa Naylor


Benny the Blenny’s Shallow Sea Adventure by Teresa Naylor

A review by Jeff Goodman

This is a book primarily for children 7-11, but really should be read by everyone. Benny the Blenny’s Shallow Sea Adventure takes the reader gently and simply through part of the marine environment that is so often overlooked by us ‘grown ups’. I knew I was going to enjoy the book even as I flicked casually through the 40 pages. The quality of the photos and layout immediately said this is going to be good and as I began to read I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. All of the photos in the book are taken in the UK.

Benny the Blenny guides us through his underwater home with great images and clever informative text. I even learnt a few new things myself. Teresa has an obvious passion for the sea and I am sure this book will install the same passion into its readers.

As well as good information about the other animals around Benny’s home, inside the opening cover Teresa gently enforces the conservation message with some essential codes of behaviour when rock pooling and generally exploring the marine environment. It’s a simple message that many adult divers could also take note of.

I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading further adventures with Benny and his neighbours. It is available through all good bookshops and online with a recommended price of £8.99.

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Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman is the Conservation editor and also the Underwater Videography Editor for Jeff is an award winning TV wildlife and underwater cameraman and film maker. With over 10,000 dives to his credit he has dived in many different environments around the world.

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