Japanese Whalers To Join in the Grindadrap in September


The Despicably Gory Japanese Faroese Bloody Cultural Exchange Program

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Thanks to international pressure, the Faroese whalers need all the moral support they can get these days – and it looks like they will get that support in the form of a visit from some Japanese whalers.

Apparently the Japanese whalers want to show the Faroese how to deal with Sea Shepherd; not that they’ve had much success on that front themselves, considering the recent verdict by the International Court of Justice which has ruled their whaling operations have been unlawful.

The Japanese whalers have asked the Faroese if they can participate in the Grindadrap. They also want to invite some Faroese whalers to come to Japan to kill a few dolphins – you know, just for shits and giggles.

This will be interesting. How will the Faroese justify Japanese whalers killing pilot whales as part of their culture?

That’s a long way to come at great expense to get some whale meat. Of course the real reason for the trip is to indulge in their lust for killing.

Will the Faroes become the place for psychopaths to come to satisfy their perversions similar to peadophiles heading to Thailand to indulge in their particular nasty fantasy?

Have the Japanese whalers become so frustrated by being unable to kill all the whales that they wish to travel to the Faroe Islands to indulge in a blood sport?

Is this the start of a Japanese do it yourself whale kill tourist adventure? Come to the Faroe Islands and get your hands bloodied as you partake in a quaint custom of killing whales with the locals.

Will the Faroes become the Mecca of every sick whale-killing psychopath on the planet?

The Japanese whalers are due to arrive on September 4th. They will most likely feel right at home with the waters turning red with blood and the screams of dying cetaceans ringing in their ears.


They will feel at home with the fact that both the Japanese and the Faroese have the highest levels of methyl-mercury in their bodies. They could have a competition to see whose brains are the most diminished by mercury.

And of course they will feel right at home with the sight of so many Sea Shepherd volunteers sporting the Jolly Roger logo, the same logo that has made their lives miserable in the Southern Ocean and in Taiji, Japan.

A meeting of like-minded bloody cetacean killers in a gore splattered blood soaked cultural exchange program – isn’t that really special?

I can hear it now:

Japanese: We kill dolphins and whales. We love to kill dolphins and whales.

Faroese: Really? Wow, we love to kill dolphins and whales to.

Japanese: We must be brothers from another mother, so much in common.

Faroese: We hate Sea Shepherd.

Japanese: Wow, we hate Sea Shepherd too. What a coincidence. We should party.

Faroese: Great idea, lets go kill some pilot whales and some dolphins.

Japanese: Yes lets have some fun. We can kill whales together.

Faroese: Yes, maybe we can go to your country and kill dolphins later.

Japanese: That would be fun but Sea Shepherd takes all the fun away. They are crazy anti-killing people.

Faroese: Yes it’s incredible they are against killing whales and even cows. God hates them.

Japanese: Yes our Gods hate them too. They are very unGodlike. What’s the point of having animals if you can’t kill them?

Faroese: Yes, God gave us these whales to kill. Those Sea Shepherd crazy people are working against God’s will.

Japanese: The only good whale is a dead whale.

Faroese: Same goes for Sea Shepherd – evil people for wanting to save dolphins. How sick is that?

Paul Watson

Paul Watson

In addition to being one of the co-founders of Greenpeace in 1972 and Greenpeace International in 1979, Paul Watson is the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - an organization dedicated to research, investigation and enforcement of laws, treaties, resolutions and regulations established to protect marine wildlife worldwide.

8 Replies to “Japanese Whalers To Join in the Grindadrap in September”

  1. lilredhsb says:

    Paul watson wrote this no wonder it’s nothing but BS.

  2. Tove Askham says:

    September almost gone and still no Japanese whaler in The Faroes. Why so, Mr. Watson?

  3. kujirakira says:

    Pure nonsense. There haven’t been and won’t be any Japanese whalers in the Faroes. The irrational rantings of a habitual liar.
    But even so, why would it matter? Why is it the worst insult Watson can think of is to associate people with Japan? Just one of the many reasons we think his organization is based on nothing more than fomenting racism.

  4. David Owen says:

    Thanks man! Paul you are the best!! Keep doing what you do. I love all the laughter that the SSCS provides me with on a daily basis. Articles like this literally leave me gasping from all the guffaws.

    1. SuzanneSmith says:

      You are an imbecile

      1. 1031NYD says:

        Sour Grapes?

  5. Rob McIntyre says:

    First of all, the International Court of Justice ruling was limited to one specific Japanese whaling program, JARPA II. It is clearly stipulated on the ruling, which is accessible to everyone online, yet the anti-whaling protesters routinely dismiss that fact and claim that Japan is ignoring the ruling by introducing another program.

    In paragraph 246 of ruling the International Court of Justice denied Australia’s request to demand Japan “refrain from authorizing or implementing any special permit whaling which is not for purposes of scientific research within the meaning of Article VIII”. But presumptions in regards to the illegality of the new program can be found through-out.

    Second, although more whales were being caught in the sanctuary by Japan, the vast majority of whales being taken were Minke whales, which are not listed as threatened or endangered on the IUCN Red List.

    According to the special permit catches listing posted by the International Whaling Commission, only 18 endangered Fin whales were taken from 2005 to 2014 in the sanctuary, in total. But the hundred or so Sei whales being taken in the North West Pacific every year by Japan since 2004 has yet to cause the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to send their “fleet” to that area to protest those activities.

    The sanctuary was not implemented in a manner that disallowed the use of Article VIII within its borders and whale meat is being sold from the North West Pacific operation so why is Sea Shepherd Conservation Society distinguishing these operations from each other with their aforementioned inaction ?

    Perhaps we should be thankful that this group has decided to only pollute the sanctuary with their discarded equipment and projectiles containing a chemical whose International Chemical Safety Card clearly states that it should not enter the environment because it is “harmful to aquatic organism”. And I suspect Paul or one of his supporters will attempt to play those avoidable situations down. But anyone that is truly concerned about the marine wildlife of that particular fragile environment would not accept these acts, nor would they accept the inherent risks of provoking collisions with fuelling vessels in the Antarctic.

    Yes, their “stinky butter” excuses may work on their fan base but I suspect that to make surfaces slippery and whale meat unusable the potency of the butyric acid would need to be pretty high. And one has to wonder how pristine they want this environment to remain after reading the report on the Ady Gil / Shonan Maru II Collision published by Maritime New Zealand in November 2010.

    I seriously doubt the readers of this site would dump technology overboard or allow a vessel to drift and leak oil in the Antarctic yet those actions are mentioned in the Maritime New Zealand report and the document initiating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act based litigation in Los Angeles. But this is all of course perfectly acceptable behaviour according to the subject of the latter, and his fans.

  6. To belive or not to believe? To me, the world has more that it’s fair share of bull####. Liars, con men and women, people who are out solely to benefit their own desires and pocket books irrespective of truth and morality. These people are in all walks of life from the homeless street urchin to global leaders. It is increasingly harder to believe all we see and hear in the media. Hype and misdirection have become common in our day-to-day lives.

    We posted Sea Shepherd’s article about the Japanese involvement with the Faroese whale hunt because it has been proven time and time again that the news from Sea Shepherd is solid and factual. But in the end, as we sit ideally by and debate the validity of news reports and opinions, our planet’s wildlife is continually and systematically being destroyed under all manner of rationalisation and justification. Whales and Dolphins in the Faroes ‘ARE’ being slaughtered every year in the name of tradition. It is archaic, cruel, unnecessary and vile.

    In my mind Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society along with other pro-active groups are doing their best to protect these marine mammals, and without their selfless actions the Faroese and other nations who kill marine creatures in the name of ‘tradition’ would be free to kill our wildlife at will without recourse. And when it’s all gone? What a miserable lonely planet we would be left with.

    Lets us know here at Scubaverse what it is exactly ‘you’ are doing to make the world and marine environment a better and safer place.

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