January 2018 Video Contest Winner and Review



Winner: Squid in Love by Paul G. Day

Winning Video:

A brilliant month’s competition. The seven films entered were new and refreshing. Some new concepts were tried and worked really well. Please do watch them all and have a look at the comments on each to perhaps help you develop your future production planning.

Here are January’s entries:

The River – Lutfu Tanriover

Watch Lutfu’s video here.

How nice to see something new. Beautiful images and music opened the film and created a very powerful feeling of anticipation for what was to come. The undulating sand was captivating. I assume it is fresh water springs rising to the surface. All very well shot with clear, crisp images and very precise camera moves.

Shaping a Dream – Puccio Distefano

Watch Puccio’s video here.

Here is a quick translation of the written intro for those who (like me) don’t speak Italian:

“The sculptor, fascinated by the myth of the sirens, while he is shaping his clay he imagines that as it takes shape it drags him into his submarine world, but it is only a dream …”

The potter got my attention and I couldn’t possibly imagine where this was going. Then the mermaids turned up. Excellent. I know quite a few divers who would have liked to have been in the potter’s shoes. Nice sequences of the mermaids swimming and all in all a great concert. It was a very unusual film and a pleasure to watch. So much hard and dedicated work to put this together with the costumes and the choreography.

To the thief…to the thief – Puccio Distefano

Watch Puccio’s video here.

That was really cool. Good to see a GoPro being used to its full potential. Love octopuses. One of my favourite marine animals. The editing with the music was perfect, especially with the release of the camera. That was fun.

The Law of Nature – Puccio Distefano

Watch Puccio’s video here.

You certainly like your dramatic and powerful music, and with each film you have entered it has worked well. Good editing and loved the short head-on portrait of the fish. Very cinematic. Camera work excellent in all aspects, framing, exposure and colour balance.

30 Port Jackson Sharks – Paul G. Day

Watch Paul’s video here.

What a sight! You did well in very difficult filming conditions. Wonderful to see so many of the sharks together. Other than protection from strong currents do you know why they were all together like that? After two minutes of extraordinary video I would liked to have had some explanatory narration either written or verbal. The images were great to see, but did become a bit too repetitive. For me the music was just a little to powerful for the action of the shots in that it created a feeling of pending excitement or even danger which never materialised.

Under the Ocean Sky – Paul G. Day

Watch Paul’s video here.

Nice easy going feel to the very relaxing images. Piers and boat pontoons can be magical places in giving shelter and refuge to all manner of marine life. Not always easy filming up into the sun so you did very well to make the images work.

Squid in Love – Paul G. Day

Watch Paul’s video here.

Your opening shots got me spellbound straight away. Music too.  Technically the images are excellent as well as being aesthetically captivating. The shots of the squid right above the camera were wonderful. I’m starting to run out of adjectives. At around three and a half minutes into the film I felt that it had reached a plateau and was getting repetitive but then you captured my attention again with more stunning images and brought the film back to life. I had a big smile on my face as the last image of the video faded to black.

And the Winner is….

The winner this month is Squid in Love by Paul G. Day. A wonderful film with enchanting images of a most magical animal. Congratulations Paul.

I look forward to seeing your entries in February – good luck to you all.

Scubaverse.com’s February 2018 Underwater Video Contest is now open! Enter as many as three of your underwater videos here.

Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman is the Conservation editor and also the Underwater Videography Editor for Scubaverse.com. Jeff is an award winning TV wildlife and underwater cameraman and film maker. With over 10,000 dives to his credit he has dived in many different environments around the world.

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