Jack Ingle Announces Technical Diving Malta Wreck Expedition For 2017


HMS Southwold. (Photo by Barry Smith)

technical diving

Jack Ingle

After excellent expeditions in 2016, technical diving pro Jack Ingle is planning more trips in 2017. First up – some technical wreck diving in Malta.

The diving is stunning in Malta with excellent visibility and fabulous wrecks. The dives are all around the 40 to 70 metre range with some excellent WW1 and WW2 wrecks. The expedition will cost £690 per diver, which includes 5 days boat diving, self catering accommodation (high quality apartments), group vehicle hire, transfers to and from airport and dive sites, air and hire of twinsets (or Rebreather cylinders). There will also be a deco station with support Diver and back up gas on the line.

Nitrox, Helium and stage Deco cylinders are available but not included in the overall price.

Flights are available to Malta at around £180. Flight details and how to book them will be sent to you later once your place has been confirmed.

The actual dives planned will be arranged around the group of divers and will be dependent on their wishes, qualifications and experience. You can discuss this with Jack Ingle directly. All divers must be a minimum of Dive Leader, Dive master or equivalent. Some of the sites available are listed below, but there are many more.

technical diving

HMS Southwold, Bow section. (Photo by Cathy De Lara)

Le Polynesienne

This wreck was a French liner. Length 156 metres powered by a steam engine from 12 coal boilers giving her a cruising speed of 17 knots. She was hit by a torpedo from a German U boat in 1918 and lays in 60 metres of water. This is a stunning wreck and one you will want to visit more than once.

HMS Stubborn

This is a British Submarine P238 (S class), built in 1942 and is 66 metres long. She is sitting in 56 metres of water at a 10 degree list. Her armaments were 7 torpedo tubes, a 3 inch gun on the fore deck and one 20mm machine gun behind the conning tower. She carried a crew of 44 men and was scuttled at the end of the war.

HMS Southwold

This is a Hunt Class Destroyer and is 86 metres in length. The Southwold was escorting other vessels when she struck a mine (1942). She was taken in tow to Malta but sank before making the safe haven. She sits in 70 metres on her starboard side. She has two sections and needs more than one dive to visit both Bow and Stern.

Schnell Boat

German MTB boat, intact wreck, WW2, torpedoes still in tubes, great dive, 70 metres.

Other sites

This area is littered with many wrecks, mainly from the WW2 era. Some of these include Hellespont, HMS St Angelo, Imperial Eagle, HM Drifter Eddy, Um El Faroud, and many more.

technical diving

HMS Southwold, Bow section. (Photo by Barry Smith)

The expedition takes place in May 2017.

  • Week 1: 30th April to 6th May 2017
  • Week 2: 6th to 12th May 2017
  • Week 3: 12th to 18th May 2017

A deposit of £300 is required to secure a place with the balance due 8 weeks prior to the expedition.

For more information email Jack Ingle at Jack@jackingle.co.uk or call him on 0208 650 6089 or on 07759 404891.

To find out more about Jack and the courses he offers, visit www.jackingle.co.uk.

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