Irish pool Freediving record falls


Freediver Eóin Clarke broke the Irish No Fins record at the 3rd BFA Madchester Classic competition which took place in Stockport, Manchester last month.

Eóin started to get apnea coaching just over two years ago and this was only his second AIDA competition in Stockport.

Steve Millard, the competition organiser, responded to a frantic text with a reassuring phone call. When Eóin got there people were very welcoming and helpful. He even got advice on the idiosyncrasies of the pool from other competitors! So rather than walking late into a difficult situation, he was able to relax and get straight into his pre-dive routine.

Eóin was aware that the previous DNF Irish National Record was 91m and knew that breaking 100m in the larger 50m pool would be that little bit more difficult. Yet he had been focusing on a 100m+ dive for over three weeks; he had been working on his visualisations and he firmly believed it was possible. The dive went well; he was able to pull off his unorthodox turns and surfaced with a big smile at 104m.

Afterwards many of the competitors gathered in a local pub, many to celebrate their own dives and a few to celebrate others’. It was a nice, warm atmosphere and the perfect welcome to the greater UK freedive community.

Eóin will be competiting at the 6th Great Northern International Freediving competition on the 21st / 22nd March 2015, which you can find out more about here.

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