Introducing the new Mares Magellan travel BCD


New Magellan BCD – The perfect travelling companion for your dives

The new Magellan BCD offers all the features you would look for in a travel BCD. It features cutting-edge technologies that allow this new design to provide the following features:

Lightweight: It weighs a mere 2.1kg (4.6lb) in size S/M and yet still provides 18.5 (41lb) of lift.

High Quality: Compressible and durable material used on shoulders, back and weight pocket areas for greater comfort.

Integrated quick release weight system: The simple and easy to operate integrated weight system uses intuitive release buckles.

Weight Pockets vary in size: Depending on the size of the BCD – smaller sizes allow for two 4kg pockets and large size two 6kg pockets.

Trim Weight: You can also use weight pockets that fit on the tank fastening strap (optional) for better weight distribution.

Pocket: A large folding and self-draining pocket is positioned on the right side.

Aluminium D-Rings: Two 40mm D-Rings situated below the weight pockets and two 25mm D-Rings on the shoulder straps.

Foldable: No rigid backplate.

New concave curvature shoulder straps: These new shoulder straps have an unprecedented ergonomic shape, designed to meet the needs of female divers as well. Ultimately allowing for maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

For more information please visit the Mares website by clicking here.

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