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Introducing the Knight Divers GR 13 ULTRALITE



Malta-based Knight Divers has committed itself in its mission statement to produce superior dive equipment that is technically progressive. By using exceptional quality materials they have uniquely designed a product line that offers divers the ultimate underwater experience, based on comfort, safety, lightness and personal security.

Knight Divers are dedicated to allowing all divers, regardless of their level of experience, to dive with the assurance that their equipment offers them the maximum amount of safety possible. This is achieved through a combination of comfort, lightness and strength in their BCD. They use exclusively the most resistant and innovative materials made in Germany and Italy, applying the most modern processing technologies under strict quality controls. All their BCDs are manufactured in Malta, subject to rigorous tests and CE certificates according to the most recent legislation.

Knight Divers innovative new take on improving a superior safe product was to go back to the drawing board and create a new wing which would be simple to use and would guarantee divers the best possible trim. This goal was made possible by thinking outside of the box and by using the mathematical rule that governs nature itself “The Golden Ratio.” By following this geometry, Knight Divers were able to create a wing with an advanced shape. This asymmetrical design allows maximising the thrust in the belt areas, while eliminating dead zones in the central area. This not only made it possible to reduce the size of the product but also produce a more hydrodynamic wing that guarantees a reduction of physical effort, and therefore a reduction in air consumption and nitrogen accumulation allowing for longer and safer dives.

Knight Divers product innovations:

The wing’s shape was only one of the advanced improvements Knight Divers implemented.

Other features include:

  • The wings are produced using tubeless technology greatly reducing any loss of air (in the highly unlikely case of puncture) so that the wing can still operate.
  • Thanks to a particular process used to bend webbing in the chest and armpit areas the harness offers unparalleled comfort and versatility, following the natural shape of the body.
  • The backplates are electrochemically polished maximising longevity, using stainless steel bolts fitted using polyurethane washers reducing the possibility of galvanic corrosion.
  • Construction uses only use the best quality K-inflator which has an ultra low profile elbow and an elliptical shape. Plus due to the central positioning on the back centre aligned with the neck, the inflator is in a protected area, drastically reducing the risk of trapping whist distributing air equally from both sides allowing a well balanced layout and not interfering with the regulators 1st Stage.


The product line starts with the ultimate travel BC system: The GR 13 Ultralite.

The GR 13 Wing was designed especially for travellers due to its very light weight of only 2.3Kg, combining an aluminium back plate and aluminium single tank adapter. The GR 13 Wing is minimalistic and hydrodynamic to ensure the divers total freedom of movement and gives a feeling of comfort and safety in the water. Despite its small size, it gives the diver a high thrust capacity both, below the surface, where thanks to its advanced shape it guarantees the diver an optimal trim, and above the surface as it gives you the ability to achieve high buoyancy trust and a perfect vertical position even in rough conditions.

The GR 13 Wing is specifically for divers who prefer a small light wing capable of holding a single cylinder up to 15 litres.

Also available in the version GR 13 Ultralite FAST Complete Set, which includes a harness, equipped with 2 ITW Nexus buckles that allow a quick dressing and a quick adjustment.


  • Lift Capacity: 120 N∙m/ 12.2 Kg/ 27 lb/ 13 Lt./ Single Tank 10 Lt, 12 Lt, 15 Lt
  • Materials: High Abrasion Resistant Cordura® 1000 TPU coated made in Germany
  • Inflator: positioned at centre back to the neck in protected area to reduce corrugated trapping and do not interfere with regulator 1st stage. K style made in Italy. Hi Tech Low profile oval elbow made in Italy. Safety SS cable to prevent hyper-extension. 40cm corrugated hose. Bright Tek 45 cm LP hose made in Italy
  • Dump Valve: 1 Low profile hi tech flat valve with carbon fibre plate. Positioned in front, lower-left side


  • GR 13 Ultralite Wing
  • Hard Anodized Aluminium Back Plate with Single Tank Adapter
  • Complete DIR Harness with SS D rings
  • Adjustable Crotch Straps

You can see the GR 13 Ultralite Wing by visiting Knight Divers at the Boot Show in Dusseldorf, Germany next week:

For more information about Knight Divers visit their website by clicking here.

Gear News

Aqualung launches all new XSCAPE Collection featuring eco-responsible wetsuit



Aqualung has announced the launch of its all new XSCAPE collection. Featuring a 100 percent neoprene-free wetsuit and a rash guard made from sustainable materials, the XSCAPE line is designed for a variety of water activities and reflects Aqualung’s commitment to innovation, ocean discovery and sustainability.

Made with Yulex® eco-friendly natural rubber and ultra-stretch fabric, the 4/3mm XSCAPE wetsuit provides enhanced comfort for diving in warm waters or above surface activities in colder temperatures, and can be used for scuba diving, snorkeling, freediving, paddling or a variety of other water sports. The flexible and lightweight XSCAPE wetsuit, available in a red and olive design for men and a tropical-inspired print for women, connects consumers to nature and the natural materials the collection is made from. The suit also features Powertex knee pads, recycled, quick-drying fleece around the torso area to provide additional warmth and comfort, and a reusable mesh bag for storage after use or collecting trash from the beach or water.

“The XSCAPE collection continues Aqualung’s legacy in innovation and their tireless work to create the most forward thinking and eco-conscious dive company in the world,” said Aqualung global ocean ambassador Philippe Cousteau Jr., the grandson of one of Aqualung’s original founders, Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau. “We all have the power to change the world with the choices we make and the XSCAPE sets the new standard for wetsuits and rash guards that are stylish, functional and sustainable.”

The new collection’s long-sleeve rash guard for men and women, and matching women’s leggings, offer maximum comfort and breathability and can be used above or below the surface. All rash guards and leggings feature UV protection and are made with polyester fabric sourced from recycled plastic bottles. The entire XSCAPE line comes in plastic-free packaging with hangtags made from recycled cardboard.

“Our aim was to design the ultimate eco-friendly wetsuit that could be used for all kinds of water sports,” said Laurent Boury, Senior Vice President of Brands at Aqualung Group. “Aqualung is committed to using environmentally-friendly materials and processes whenever possible to help reduce our carbon footprint and we made design choices to ensure the XSCAPE collection was as sustainable as possible.”

“The collection name, XSCAPE, is meant to evoke the feeling of freedom and the quest for wonder that surround exploration, travel, and Aqualung’s storied history, including the first “aqua-lung” created by Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau and engineer Emile Gagnan that made underwater exploration possible,” added Boury.

To learn more please visit

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Gear News

Introducing the Mares Magnetic Connector BCD Accessory



The innovative magnetic securing system by Mares is the ultimate way to connect your diving accessories and equipment. Gone are the days of dangling hoses and lost dive lights. The Magnetic Connector is a versatile and unique system that includes many uses such as an octopus and console holder, torch/dive light hook, camera attachment, and much more!

The Magnetic Connector’s simple yet effective design allows you to quickly find the connection site,
especially when the connection point is not easily visible. The audible “click” of the attachment
also lends assurance that everything is securely connected. The advanced engineering of the
mechanical closure system locks the fastened item in place safely and reliably. It can hold over
60kg (132 lbs.) of equipment.

The Magnetic Connector’s compact design not only keeps your diving accessories secure but as
streamlined as possible. In fact, the Magnetic Connector is even shorter than a double-ended
carabiner and just as easy to install. By simply unscrewing the connector’s head, the threaded pin
can easily connect to all BCD D-rings.

Another valuable benefit is its 360-degree free rotation, which allows for the perfect placement of
your equipment and accessories. The free-swiveling ball head also allows the connector to tilt in
every direction for maximum comfort. The Magnetic Connector is currently available in two color
options, black and yellow.

Although it is rugged and extremely secure, Mares still made it easy to use by allowing divers to connect and disconnect their equipment to it, not just single-handedly, but with the use of only two fingers! The Magnetic Connector is simple, quick, and safe. It unlocks quickly even under a full load and is the smartest alternative to a carabiner.



For more information visit the Mares website by clicking here.

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