Introducing the new Scubapro UPF Collection


For those who wish they could wear a wetsuit every day, Scubapro have created a line of performance dive wear so technically advanced, you’d know it is Scubapro even without the iconic S on it. Fashion forward, and with an eye to the details that divers will appreciate, the diverse collection allows you to radiate your personal style – before, after and during the dive.

When it comes to protection from the elements, divers demand the best, and Scubapro’s new UPF collection delivers. The Lycra performance gear protects divers above and below the surface against harsh UV rays, prevalent stings and abrasion.

Benefitting from the latest technology and premium materials, the UPF collection brings you the best in form and function. Worn underneath a wetsuit, the UPF gear makes putting on a suit a snap while adding an additional layer of warmth. More than just a rash guard, Scubapro have developed a full line of flattering gear – from leggings to suits to loose fit tops.


To determine the UV protection of dive wear, standardised measuring methods are used, and normally conducted on dry and/or new gear. UPF ratings above UPF 50 are considered to be in the “Excellent” Protection Category. All of Scubapro’s UPF collection are rated UPF 50 or above.

However, Scubapro’s new top-of-the-line T-Flex rash guards take UV protection to the next level. This category of dive wear is tested using the UV Standard 801which tests fabrics in their “worst-case” scenario. In other words, in real world conditions of use – wet and stretched — two stress factors that can adversely affect a fabric’s protective qualities. Garments that pass these stringent tests are labelled with a coveted UV Standard 801 UPF 80 tag, assuring users of the ultimate in quality and UV protection.

Not only the best in sun protection, the Scubapro UPF collection is:

  • Stylish – leveraging popular design influences as well as features from other performance sports.
  • Coordinated/complementary with the other products from Scubapro – including masks, fins, snorkels, and even BCs.
  • Created by divers for divers – with thoughtful details like non-abrasive seams and high necklines to ensure the gear looks great and functions well.
  • Diverse – with multiple colour pathways, cuts and styles, every diver can find pieces perfectly suited to their taste, fashion sense, and body type.
  • Highly versatile – ideal for snorkellers, paddle boarders, swimmers and other water enthusiasts too.


The 2017 UPF collection is divided into 2 UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) categories: UPF 80 and UPF 50, and are made of either Polyester or a Nylon/Spandex blend. Nylon and Spandex offer more fabric stretch for fit and comfort and feature enhanced hand feel and moisture control. Polyester is less expensive and provides better colour fastness—especially in the light colours.


Scubapro’s top-of-the-line rash guard for 2017 is made of 86% super-soft nylon and 14% spandex for comfort and stretch. This is hands-down the best material combination for warm water or tropical use. It earned the T-Flex a UPF 80 certification by UV Standard 801, the only UV certifying standard that tests fabric in real conditions of use – wet and stressed. So carrying a UV Standard 801 UPF 80 tag means the rash guard fabric excels in providing protection against the effects of the sun. This is the highest protection rating available in the industry.

The UPF 80 T-Flex is designed to form-fit the body, provides soft hand feel, and is available in different models for men and women.


Scubapro’s line of UPF 50 rash guards are divided into four “sub-families” to suit a range of uses:

  1. UPF 50 SWIM. This snug-fitting long sleeve rash guard is made of high quality polyester and features a chlorine-resistant treatment which makes it perfect for pool training as well as fun in the sun.
  2. UPF 50 RASH GUARD. Look sharp while enjoying solid sun protection. Made from high quality polyester fabric, these form-fitting rash guards are comfortable, provide good hand feel, and dry quickly. Designed as all-around sports apparel, wear a UPF collection Rash Guard under a wetsuit at depth or by itself when topside for dependable protection from the sun’s rays. The pattern is well-suited to digital printing technology.
  3. UPF 50 CHANNEL FLOW. The unique channel construction of this comfortable, high quality polyester rash guard features a one-way wicking design that pushes moisture away from the body and toward the surface layer where it can evaporate faster. This also allows the fabric itself to dry very quickly. The ideal attire for all outdoor sports, the loose fit Channel Flow rash guard provides good hand feel.
  4. UPF 50 STEAMER. Providing full-body protection from the sun, these stylish steamers are made from high quality nylon and are designed to fit snug, creating a sleek profile in the water and a form-fitting look on shore. Featuring convenient thumb loops and foot stirrups for easy donning, Steamers provide good hand feel and are available in both men’s and women’s sizes.


  • UPF 80 T-Flex: from £44,00
  • UPF 50 Swim/Rash Guard: from £31,00
  • UPF 50 Channel Flow: from £49,00
  • UPF 50 Steamer: from £79,00
  • Sizes Men: S-2XL, incl. 3XL Channel Flow
  • Sizes Ladies: XS-XL, incl. MT T-Flex/Rash Guard/Channel Flow

From 6 July 2017 the new UPF Collection will be available at authorised Scubapro dealers. Find your nearest authorised Scubapro dealer at

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