Introducing MV Legends from Tekdeep


MV Legends is the brand new daily diving boat / liveaboard vessel which was acquired by Tekdeep Egypt in July 2015.

She is currently undergoing renovation and remodeling to make her a fully self sufficient technical diving boat. When launched in September, MV Legends will be the only purpose fitted, dedicated technical diving boat designed with technical divers and rebreathers in mind.

Features include: Oxygen On Board, Helium On Board, Gas Boosters on Board, Gas Blending Technician On Board, Technical Dive Guides On Board (Up To 100m), and Technical Diving Instructors On Board (From Recreational Trimix to 100m Mixed Gas Rebreather Diving).

Also on board are Stage Cylinders with Professional Stage Kits, Rebreather Cylinders (2 ltr and 3ltr), Carbon Cylinders and Rebreather Spares (for some models).

MV Legends has a team in place who teach technical diving, who undertake technical diving every day and who fully understand the needs of technical divers.

You can learn more about MV Legends and watch the refit progress at the liveaboard’s brand new website and follow latest updates on other social channels using the hashtag #TransformingLegends.

To find out more about Tekdeep, visit

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