Intova Shooting Tips – Part 9 – Condensation


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Underwater photography is much different than land photography. Light and color loss, water clarity, currents and housing condensation are all elements that affect underwater photography. The large Dive Certification organizations have complete classes dedicated to Digital Underwater photography. Digital cameras are complex and need to be understood and set properly to obtain best results.

CONDENSATION: Digital Cameras create small amounts of heat. These cause the air inside the housing to warm slightly. When it interacts with cold water outside the housing, condensation may form. This is very similar to the fogging inside a cars windshield on a cold night. To minimize condensation: a) avoid opening housing right before dive, especially in humid areas. b) place silica beads pack in housing to absorb moisture. C) use mask defog on lens area of housing. D) Keep the housing out of the sun and try to do predive set up in an air-conditioned or cool room to keep more humid air out of housing.



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