Intova Shooting Tips – Part 8 – Slow Capture Time


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Underwater photography is much different than land photography. Light and color loss, water clarity, currents and housing condensation are all elements that affect underwater photography. The large Dive Certification organizations have complete classes dedicated to Digital Underwater photography. Digital cameras are complex and need to be understood and set properly to obtain best results.

SLOW CAPTURE TIME: There are 3 areas which affect the speed of image capture. First the camera must focus, then it takes the image, then it writes the image to memory. Intova cameras feature Auto Focus. They must focus prior to actually capturing image. Depressing the shutter button half way will allow camera to prefocus so it is ready to capture image instantly. Mode selection will affect actual capture speed. Sports Mode, will automatically select faster shutter speeds. Auto, Program, Portrait or Low light modes may slow shutter down.


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