INON UW Variable Red Filter M67 now available


Natural light underwater photography has a lot to commend it. Backscatter is less of a problem, marine life can be more approachable and your camera system can be kept compact, compared to using strobes or video lights. The big problem is achieving pleasing colours. Water acts as a filter, reducing reds especially, and leaving underwater scenes with a predominantly blue or green cast.

The usual way to get over this is to combine custom white balance with a filter. However, the filtering effect of water is variable – how much colour is lost depends on both your depth and the distance to your subject. INON’s answer is a colour correction filter that has variable power to match your specific situation. This is a simple to use solution. All the photographer has to do is turn the filter until they get the desired colour balance.

The design is user friendly and innovative. Two polarizing filters are incorporated. Both filters are needed to provide the continuously adjustable colour correction range, dialed in via a rotating mount. Since the filter will be used underwater, the elements have a bayonet disconnect to let you quickly separate the filters to flood them and prevent any bubbles forming on the elements. This feature also makes post dive maintenance straightforward.

The INON UW Variable Red Filter M67 comes in an M67 screw thread.

£179.99 from official INON UK dealers. Find your nearest dealer or more information at:

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