Improved gear and locker rooms at Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire


Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire has refurbished its gear and locker rooms to offer divers more comfort.

The last couple of weeks the locker rooms were occupied by Buddy’s Carpenters, who were busy measuring & fitting, sawing and assembling, resulting in 100 brand new lockers.

buddy lockers

The majority of the new lockers offer space for dive gear of 2 divers. In addition to the lockers, the room offers more than enough space & racks to hang wetsuits to dry.

The lockers are free to use. Divers can sign up at the Diveshop for a locker, where they will receive the key for the lock.

Buddy Dive will only charge a small fee – in case of a lost key or lock – to cover the replacement costs.

To keep the lockers available to everyone at all times, it is not allowed to use your own lock.

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