How To Land Your Dream Scuba Instructor Job Part I: The Scuba Diving Instructor’s Resume (Watch Video)


Next in the series of weekly videos from Divers Ready!

If you’re a newly qualified Scuba Diving Instructor, you’re going to want to watch this! Congrats on finishing your Instructor Development Course and passing your Instructor Exam, but sadly these days, that’s not enough to land you your dream scuba diving job.

This video, part I of a two-part special, is going to give you the lowdown on how to prepare a professional scuba diving Instructor resume. Let’s end this ridiculous trend of facebook post job begging and put the professional back into professional dive instructor. We’re giving you the what-to-include and what-to-leave-out on your scuba diving CV PLUS the top 5 most in demand non-diving skills that scuba diving centers are looking to hire. If you just finished your Instructor Development Course and have 0 scuba certifications issued, it can be hard to know how to land your dream dive job. We packed this video with all the do’s and don’ts of crafting your scuba CV.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world off the back of my dive instructor skills and I want to pay my expertise forward. Welcome to the dive instructor life!

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Divers Ready

James is a well-traveled and experienced technical diving Instructor, bringing his world SCUBA perspective to Scubaverse! He’s worked for dive resorts; large dive operators; family-owned dive shops; expedition companies; dive retailers; underwater movie productions; is a public safety diver Instructor; and is the Co-Owner of Miami Technical Diving! James is also the personality and knowledge broker behind 'Divers Ready!' a super influential Scuba Diving YouTube channel, website and brand!

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