How to Build A Save-A-Dive Kit for Scuba Divers (Watch Video)


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What’s in your Save-A-Dive kit? Here is practical information that can save- your-dive! And Key Largo’s beautiful reefs! And an awkward Husky! And a sleepy cat! I mean, what else could you ask for?! Every scuba diver, from Open Water to Dive Instructor needs a save-a-dive kit handy for those last minute emergency fixes. Of course, this doesn’t not replace getting your scuba diving gear serviced regularly, but for those wear and tear parts that suddenly go, a well stocked save-a-dive kit will, well, save your dive!

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Divers Ready

Divers Ready

James is a well-traveled and experienced technical diving Instructor, bringing his world SCUBA perspective to Scubaverse! He’s worked for dive resorts; large dive operators; family-owned dive shops; expedition companies; dive retailers; underwater movie productions; is a public safety diver Instructor; and is the Co-Owner of Miami Technical Diving! James is also the personality and knowledge broker behind 'Divers Ready!' a super influential Scuba Diving YouTube channel, website and brand!

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