Historic England funds new project to support Diving Volunteers

  • Historic England Awards £29,000 Grant to the Protected Wreck Association working with MSDS Marine to support volunteer licensed divers
  • New website launched to promote best practice amongst volunteer divers – www.ProtectedWrecks.org.uk

The Protected Wreck Association, in partnership with MSDS Marine, has been awarded a grant of £29,000 from Historic England to support the licensed volunteer divers that are invaluable in helping to protect our nationally-important wreck sites.

Volunteer licensed divers play a huge part in helping Historic England to manage nationally-significant wreck sites such as the London that exploded and sank in the Thames estuary in 1665 and the Dutch East India Company vessel, the Rooswijk which sank on the treacherous Goodwin Sands off the Kent coast in 1740.

This project will benefit the Protected Wreck Association’s work in helping to protect and monitor the condition of England’s 53 Protected Wreck Sites and a new website – www.ProtectedWrecks.org.uk – is being launched. The aim is to encourage members to share knowledge and promote best practice. This project will support the Protected Wreck Association and its members to help reduce the number of historic wreck sites that are at risk and help Historic England in the management of these sites that are protected under the Protection of Wrecks Act 1973 or scheduled under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979.

Professor Mike Williams, Chair of the Protected Wreck Association said: “We are delighted and grateful that Historic England has funded this project. It will enable us to undertake valuable work to support our members, who are dedicated volunteers protecting our maritime heritage.”

Hefin Meara, Marine Archaeologist at Historic England said: “We are pleased to support this important project and recognise the enormous contribution that licensed volunteer divers are making to help protect England’s fascinating marine historic environment.”

Visit the new website at: www.protectedwrecks.org.uk

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