Help bring the revolutionary AAK 180 Diving Mask to market (watch video)


The AAK 180 Diving Mask is the first single lens peripheral vision mask that frees your eyes to an immense under water world.

The AAK 180 Diving Mask is designed to give greater vision. Common masks have a limited range of vision; to appreciate the whole environment, you need to turn your head from side to side. With that in mind, the designers behind the AAK 180 knew they had to create a mask with peripheral vision, allowing lateral view – something that other masks don´t have. With the 180, there is greater freedom of movement and vision, which gives you a much better diving experience.

But it has not been easy. The AAK 180 Diving Mask is made of a single curved lens, which has required three years of studies, material analysis and testing to get it where it is today. A unique mask, not only in terms of vision underwater, but also in design, materials and comfort.

AAK 180 Diving Mask


  • Designed to give complete freedom and ultra-wide panoramic view on your diving experience
  • Real peripheral vision and clarity
  • Made with Optical Polycarbonate, a light and clear material
  • Single lens that provides better vision and comfort
  • Scratch resistant cover
  • Skirt: TPE (Elastomer Thermoplastic) Hypoallergenic and UVH UV protection
  • Fits almost every face (Medium and Large)
  • Head support holds mask perfectly in place
  • Exclusive two piece strap system allows to open and close in a quick and comfortable way. When you release the strap, the mask falls on the chest


  • Skirt: TPE (Elastomer Thermoplastic) Hypoallergenic and UVH UV protection, used for baby products
  • Lens: Polycarbonate Optical LQ Makrolon 3187
  • Buckles: Steel with a zinc alloy

AAK 180 Diving Mask


  • Weight: 324 grams
  • Height: 11 cm
  • Depth: 12.5 cm
  • Front: 21 cm


Another new element of the 180 is the strap, designed for better comfort before, during and after diving.

  • Its design helps to adjust the mask to the face, so it will not move
  • The two-piece system helps to release it quickly and, with one movement, it falls on the chest, keeping  your hands free and without danger of losing the mask
  • Easy to put the mask on and off
  • Made of nylon 3/4 ” (1.9cm ). With UV protection
  • Convenient and easy to use

AAK 180 Diving Mask


The AAK 180 Diving Mask comes with an ultra light and soft neoprene bag, designed to protect your mask and give you a comfortable way to carry it wherever you dive.


This project started 3 years ago, and after investigation, design, engineering prototyping and testing, the designers are ready to finish the molds and produce.

It´s been a long journey and now the team behind the AAK 180 Diving Mask need your help to get $23,000 US so production can start. With your help, the AAK 180 Diving Mask can revolutionize the way we see the underwater world.

There are some great perks available for investors. Visit the AAK 180 Diving Mask Indiegogo page now to find out how you can invest in this revolutionary product.

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      The Hydrooptix needed optical correction. You needed to wear contact lenses which made it unusable to most divers.

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