GoPros Are More Than Simple Point And Shoot Cameras (Watch Video)


The GoPro has been one of the greatest inovations in the camera world for many years.

It has allowed us to take and put high quality image cameras where before it was impossible. The GoPro has particularly opened up all manner of sports to ‘impossible images’ from ‘impossible points of view’. On surf boards, snow skis, cycles, on our heads…

GoProIn addition to these fabulous camera angles, the GoPro has put easy automatic underwater filming into the hands of everyone with a few hundred pounds to spare. But in many ways it has encouraged lazy filming and video techniques.

Some divers simply turn the camera on as they are about to enter the water and leave it to run for the entire dive, recording every single moment of their underwater adventure. While this may be fun at first there will come a time when sitting through endless hours of unedited and badly framed video will take its toll, and so the camera, through no fault of it’s own, may well get left behind.

But, with a little planning and patience the GoPro can help you create good sequences and bring your video standard up several notches in only a few dives.

If you would like to know more and join one of our GoPro video courses, contact details are on

Get a taster for one of Jeff Goodman’s GoPro Underwater Videography courses in this exclusive video shot at the Ocean Revival site in the Algarve.

[youtube id=”IIHuWivvFfU” width=”100%” height=”400px”]

Jeff’s Ocean Revival Underwater Videography Workshops are organised in association with Subnauta Diving and Hidden Depths Dive Tours.

Have you been lucky enough to dive the Ocean Revival site in the Algarve? If so, tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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