GoodToDive: Ocean Friendly Disinfectant for dive gear


GoodToDive ocean friendly disinfectant cleans dive gear without damaging the ocean environment. Developed by Fourth Element in conjunction with The Diver Medic, it is now available for dive schools, centres and individuals.

Is your dive gear GoodToDive? Fourth Element and The Diver Medic have developed an ocean friendly disinfectant and labelling system to ensure that dive equipment can be identified as cleaned and ready to use.

Offering divers confidence in the cleanliness of their equipment is a key factor in restoring confidence in the Scuba Diving Industry. Guidelines have been issued by all major agencies to help dive schools, dive centres and individuals ensure that they minimise risks of infection when using dive gear, and all involve disinfecting equipment effectively.

Many commonly used disinfectants require that fluid be disposed of in a recognised waste disposal facility due to their toxicity to aquatic life, and this is something that divers and dive centres will be keen to avoid. GoodToDive uses powerful oxidising reagents to swiftly and effectively disinfect dive gear, and leaves a solution which can be safely discarded without damaging the aquatic environment.

Available in a powdered form, GoodToDive dissolves and is effective in fresh or salt water, and can be used to safely disinfect masks, regulators and BCDs. The GoodToDive system includes paper-based tape that can be applied to regulators, masks or their boxes to show that a disinfectant has been used, giving the customer peace of mind.

Available initially in 1kg tubs, just 15g is required to prepare a gallon of sterilising fluid (60 uses).

More information is available at

Pre-order now online, contact or call your local fourth element representative. Available end June.

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