Gibraltar Sub Aqua Club take part in Clean Up the World Day


Gibraltar Sub Aqua Club have again taken part in the Clean Up the World Day, the club’s way of taking part in the BSAC Litterpick campaign.

Fourteen members took part and removed lots of rubbish including bottles, cans, pieces of scaffolding, pipes, a car battery, a wheel from a car, a bbq, two long rectangle iron sheets, a shoe, a diving mask, cabling, broken beach chairs and stools. While the club were removing the rubbish, children with one of the instructors were placing back the crabs, starfish and other marine life that came out in the bottles and other items.

Last year the club found a car underwater but were not allowed to lift out of the water as it was being used for training purposes by the divers section of the Fire Brigade!

You can view their full photo album on BSAC’s Facebook page here.

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