Get Wrecked in Cyprus with Dive Stop from only €495


Calling all wreck enthusiasts! Anyone who has dived in Cyprus will undoubtedly know about the world famous Zenobia wreck. As well as this outstanding wreck, Cyprus also has many other wreck dives making the island the ideal destination for an epic week of wreck diving.

Dive Stop are currently offering tailormade Get Wrecked weeks at great value prices, from just €495. DIve Stop’s dive packages are ideal for all levels of divers including technical wreck enthusiasts.

Besides the world famous Zenobia, Cyprus has many other excellent wrecks to make for an adventure-packed dive holiday. Many of the island’s other wrecks were sunk as artificial wrecks. This project began in 2012 with the wreck of the Nemesis III and the Liberty.

Cyprus now has a total of seven artificial wrecks with the latest wreck of the Kyrenia being sunk in 2015. All of the island’s artificial wrecks are intact with many of the original features left on board to be explored by divers. They now have become exceptional reefs and are covered in marine life. The sites are all around 25 metres, and are easily accessible.

The wreck of HMS Cricket, a WWII river gun ship that sank in 1948 during bad weather, is another unique dive. Lying in 30 metres of water, the Cricket’s guns can still be seen today, and the wreck also offers excellent penetration for more advanced divers.

Dive Stop can also add all types of accommodation to their dive packages. To book your next wreck dive trip contact them today via email at or call 00357 96 039632.

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