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Freediving at Scubafest Cornwall 2014



Karen 5

What better way to kick start the Great British Freediving season for Freediving 2000 than to head down to Cornwall for Scubafest 2014?

From Saturday 3rd to Monday 5th May, Freediving 2000 ran workshops at Scubafest (which once again was held at Pentewan Sands Holiday Park), giving people who attended the event the opportunity to discover the awesome sport of Freediving.

Karen 8The weekend was mostly sunny (it did rain on one of the days unfortunately), however our spirits were not dampened; it was great to be with a whole bunch of like-minded people that love  anything and everything to do with diving. Scubafest Cornwall 2014 was open to freedivers, scubadivers and non-divers, with plenty going on to keep all happy come rain or shine.

Karen 9Once everyone was out of the water, the après-dive festivities continued long into the night, with fab food, live bands, fancy dress parties, karaoke and a fab pub in walking distance.

I think our photos show what a fab time we had and how great the event was. Will we be back next year? Of course we will – we won’t miss it!

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With over 25 years of dive experience and having travelled all over the world, Karen Parrott now owns and runs Freediving 2000 and Scuba 2000 in Sussex in the UK. The sea is a lifetime's passion for Karen, as is scuba diving, and now of course Freediving! Karen has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of diving as well as marine life, wrecks, & history. With a love of photography both above and below the water, Karen can always be found with her SLR or Compact close by.

Freediving Blogs

Jeff chats to… Breathwork Practitioner Hannah Goodman (Watch Video)



In this Zoom interview, Jeff Goodman talks to Breathwork Practitioner Hannah Goodman about breathing correctly to enhance our diving experiences.

Find out more at

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Freediving Blogs

Swimming and snorkelling with Manatees



We love manatees. And November is traditionally Manatee Awareness Month – a time to celebrate this iconic marine mammal and create awareness of the challenges they face. In this post, our friends at Effortless Outdoors share the manatee love and also some info on many of the best destinations to swim and snorkel with them around the world…

Manatees are really gentle, delightful sea creatures and getting a chance to see them up close should be on the bucket list of anyone who enjoys diving and snorkelling. They’re big beasts (typically weighing around half a ton) and they tend to move really slowly, making them ideal for underwater viewing.

They spend around 6-7 hours a day grazing, eating up to 15% of their body weight every single day. They use their front flippers for feeding; first using them to crawl along the ground, then for digging out plants and finally for scooping the vegetation into their mouths. It’s a pretty unique and involved way of feeding and very charming to watch. 

These awesome creatures can live up to sixty years. They are highly intelligent, capable of understanding discrimination tasks and associated items with one another. They have good long-term memory and have often been compared to dolphins concerning their capacity to learn tasks and develop mentally.

Populations of manatees are fairly low. Although they have no natural predators, they are threatened by human activities (they are often killed by ship accidents, as well as red tide and the accidental ingestion of fishing materials). The West Africa and Amazonian manatees are very rare. And scientists estimate there are about 13,000 West Indian manatees with their status modulating between ‘endangered’ and ‘threatened’.

West Indian manatees range up and down the east coast of the Americas (as far south as Brazil and as far north as Virginia) with many of the best viewing spots being well-served for those wanting a manatee experience.

Check out this post about the best places to swim and snorkel with manatees.

Want to read more about manatees? Check out Nick and Caroline’s magical manatee encounters in Crystal River, Florida in the latest Autumn 2019 issue of Dive Travel Adventures HERE!

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