Free beach activity from BSAC for kids this summer


This summer BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club) members, family and friends have been making the most of BSAC’s free downloadable beachcombing course materials.

The course has been a great opportunity for parents, teachers and scout leaders to get kids beachcombing and rock pooling safely on Britain’s beaches this summer. The materials are free to all (not just BSAC members) and with an Indian summer on the horizon why not make the most of this free, fun and educational activity to do with kids.

The move by the National Governing Body for scuba diving and snorkelling has been made to encourage families and other carers for young children to enjoy our British coastline this summer.

Beachcombing is a fun and free activity to do with kids this summer

The BSAC Beachcomber course is designed to introduce young people (and those young at heart!) to the British seaside and to help them discover all the wonderful and weird creatures that can be found in rock pools.

Beachcomber is a huge amount of fun for little ones and is suitable for any age. It teaches young people (and those young at heart!):

  • How to enjoy and respect beaches and the seashore environment
  • About the marine life you can find at the beach
  • How to stay safe on the seashore

Enjoy the beach safely this summer

Through this guided activity children can learn safety elements including a little about tides, weather, silt sands and to understand which species should not be touched to help them have a better understanding of how to have fun safely.

Beachcomber can easily be taught by parents while enjoying spending quality time with their children at the seaside. It can also be used by schools, Scouts or Brownies. Or our very own BSAC scuba diving and snorkelling clubs to create more family-friendly group activities.

Responsible adults need to read the guide (available via the link below). They can then use the Beachcomber course to have free, safe and informative fun on the beach with their little ones.

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Photo Credit: BSAC

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