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“Of Shark and Man,” is an independently produced, award winning feature documentary that revolutionises the way sharks are presented in film. Telling the untold story of Shark Reef in Fiji, through the eyes of a passionate shark lover who risked everything to follow his dream, “Of Shark and Man,” blends stunning cinematography, heartfelt storytelling and incredible, close up shark footage, to deliver an inspiring message about the power of dreams and how a small group of dedicated people can change the world for the better.

“I have dreamed of making films about sharks since the age of seven,” says David Diley, the man behind this exciting project. “Having grown up watching pretty much every film ever made on the subject, I realised that the films which inspired me, films which were about adventure and celebrated sharks for what they are, simply weren’t being made anymore so, five years ago, I made an on the spot decision… If nobody else was going to do it, I may as well just do it myself.

“I quit my job, gave up my flat and sold as much as I could and set out on a journey to plan a film, write a concept, raise the funding, shoot the film, edit the film, release the film and get TV distribution.”

As of now, “Of Shark and Man,” is completed and ready to go, and the final step to take is to get the film out there to an international audience – and to do that, David needs your help.

David is looking to raise £31,991, all of which will go into a targeted and professionally run release campaign to get “Of Shark and Man,” out there so people can see the film for themselves.

The £31,991 will mainly go towards the following:

  • A Strategic and targeted Marketing Campaign
  • Entrance onto the International Film Festival circuit
  • Subtitles (the plan is to have the film subtitled into French, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese)
  • Merchandise, Press Kit Materials and Promotional Events
  • Private Screenings
  • Licensing – The film has a very small amount of externally sourced footage
  • Legal Costs – Documentation such as E&O Insurance and commercial contracts
  • Indiegogo Fees

In the spirit of ensuring he can offer investors maximum value for money, David has some incredible perks on offer.

There are film related perks, such as stickers, T-Shirts, signed posters and custom artwork, to more personal stuff like an hour long skype call with David where you can ask him about absolutely anything you like – maybe you need advice on making your own film, you want to know the inside story on the film’s production or you just want to have a general chat; it’s totally up to you!

David is also offering perks for all you divers out there in the form of top of the range wetsuits, regulators, computers, masks, fins etc from Fourth Element, Apeks, Suunto and Aqualung, so if you need new dive gear, get it from David and help out a film which supports marine conservation.

Everyone who donates from the minimum level perk (£20) and upwards will receive a limited availability, HD stream of the full film so you can see what it is you’re involved in.

To find out more about David’s film and how you can invest in the film’s release, click here.

Here’s the man himself asking for your help to make his dream a reality:

And here’s the film’s trailer:

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