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Duttons Divers expands



Duttons Divers have some exciting news to share! If their new Scuba Escape venture was not enough, they have also just announced their expansion into another dive centre!

 In addition to Vivian Quarry, Duttons will now also be operating from Hafan Marina in Pwllheli. The expansion further down the North Wales coast will allow them to offer more guided shore and boat dives, at different locations, as well as enhance their facilities. Their dive boat ‘Little Viv’ will be based on the marina, making it even easier for divers to park right next to the boat …now with their own car park. Once the boat comes back to shore, divers have a short walk to the dive centre for showers, refreshments and any air fills that you may want.

Not only will the centre improve their shore and boat dive capability, but also training too. The centre offers a large classroom area, perfect for all levels of training, and where the Instructor Development Courses will now take place. The back area is fitted with a 21ft freestanding heated pool for training too!

To further enhance the centre, a dive shop will be located on the first floor, offering a range of equipment, specialising in the Apeks and Aqualung range.

 We spoke with PADI Course Director Clare, who says: “It seems like a lot has happened since I decided to start freelancing from the back of a trailer at the age of 18! Never did I imagine that the business would grow to this extent, first with Vivian and a dive boat, now to another huge dive centre with even more exciting new prospects.

We have worked hard to make sure that Duttons Divers as a centre can offer everything… and I believe that the new Hafan Marina centre is a great addition to the quarry. It now means that we have access to our own classroom, shop, pool, quarry, boat and shore dive vehicles for your dives… which is pretty cool!”

The dive centre is set to open mid-April; keep an eye on their social media channels for regular updates and visit their website at


Announcing the Winners of Scubaverse’s June 2022 Underwater Photo & Video Contests



Another bumper month packed with amazing images and videos from around the world! It has certainly been another great month for entries in both contests – your underwater photos and videos are just getting better and better! Thanks to all who entered.

To find out who the winner of’s June 2022 Underwater Photo Contest is, click here.

To find out who the winner of’s June 2022 Underwater Video Contest is, click here.

If you’re not a winner this month, then please do try again. July’s photo and video contests are now open.

To enter’s July 2022 Underwater Photo Contest, click here.

To enter’s July 2022 Underwater Video Contest, click here.

Good luck!!!

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Tips for… Navigation



Not the most fun of topics we guess, but pretty important for any diver! Now we are sure that there are some of you out there that steer away from the navigation side and are quite happy to follow along at the back. But if you are one of those divers and the reason is because you think that it is ridiculously hard.. we want to give you a few basic tips to help you!

Now using a compass may look scary but actually there is not much to it. First rule to remember… North is North under the water as well as on land… it doesn’t change! So, with that in mind we can use that pretty easily under the water to at least give us a point of reference whilst we are diving, even if you are not leading it. Knowing the direction that you are going and how deep you are is a good reference and will help you to become more confident. Get into the habit of taking a ‘bearing’ – fancy word for direction – on the surface before going under and check the bearing as you are diving.

Knowing which way is left and right – well, when going right, the numbers increase, and when going left, the numbers decrease… easy! Starting off with turning left and right 90 degrees will start to get you into the habit of making turns. Try not to use complicated numbers when you first start off, nobody likes maths at the best of times, let alone trying to add 273 to 32 under the water! Keep it basic.

Last but not least, navigating is not all about using a compass. If you are not a fan of it and want to keep your dives simple, there is nothing wrong with natural navigation. There are some amazing sites around our coastline that are perfect for this – harbour walls, piers, open sea coves, all allow the point of reference to be followed on one side of your body on the way out and the opposite on the way back. You can also check that you are going the right way on your return as the depth will start to decrease. This is a great way to start building your confidence with navigating if you are new to it, and what is even better, lots of marine life love to congress around these rocky areas!

Other aspects to consider to throw into your natural navigation bag are picking some land marks during your dives. If there is something notable that doesn’t move (fish are not highly recommended!) take a note of this and use it as a reference and pick another. On the return journey, you can use these ‘markers’ to find your way back to the starting point. A nice and simple way to find where you are going.

So, give it a go in a nice shallow bay area and see how you get on… practice makes perfect!

Find out more at

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