Double the Fun with Subgear Rash Guards


When you are wearing something as vibrant as a Subgear rash guard it hard not have fun. These versatile rash guards offer both protection against sunburn and jelly fish as well as extra warmth under neoprene. A rash guard should be on your packing list for every diving or snorkeling holiday.

The harmful UV rays from the sun have no chance with Subgear rash guards. The rash guards are made out of technically advanced materials and tested to EU UV-Standard 801. This new European UV-Standard was introduced as the earlier Australian SPF50+ standard was considered inadequate. The new procedure involves testing not only the new product but also the material under real life conditions such as when wet, stretched and used.

With their bright colours and attractive designs, Subgear rash guards set the tone for a fun adventure. In addition to offering reliable UV protection, rash guards act as a great barrier against jelly fish and also can be used for extra insolation under neoprene. Breathable, light, quick drying, antibacterial and with better protection against the wind as a normal T-shirt, they are particularly comfortable when on the boat.

All rash guards are available at authorised SUBGEAR dealers


Sizes XS-L 

PARAISO Long sleeved                        RRP £33Subgear 2AMBER Short sleeved                           RRP £34

Subgear 8

PINKHEAVEN Short sleeved                 RRP £33

Subgear 4

FLAMENCO Short sleeved                    RRP £33

Subgear 3


Sizes S-XXL 

GO BIG Long sleeved                           RRP £34

Subgear 7

CIRCLE BLACK Short sleeved              RRP £33

Subgear 1

CIRCLE WHITE Short sleeved              RRP £33

Subgear 5

BLUE PLANET Short sleeved                RRP £33

Subgear 6

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