Diving during the Mauritius Wakashio Oil Spill (Watch Video)


Image: Fleetmon

After writing about the recent oil spill for us which you can read about HERE, Jill Holloway has now had a chance to dive in Mauritius. She sent us this video of her experience of diving during the Mauritius Wakashio Oil Spill.

Mauritius has 275 miles of diveable coastline, and the oil spill has so far only affected a rocky area in the South East, where mangroves have been replanted, and birds, turtles and skinks are found in the Ramsar Nature Reserves. Scottish Oil Spill Specialist Engineer Matthew Sommerville from the UN is helping with the environmental part of the oil spill.

Diving has been unbelievable on the rest of the reefs after 5 months with no fishing. Take a look:

If you would like to help Reef Conservation in Mauritius after this oil spill then please click here.

Jill Holloway

Jill Holloway

Jill Holloway lives in Mauritius and at Sodwana Bay Isimangaliso Wetland Park in South Africa. A PADI qualified Nitrox diver with over 1,500 dives, she is a passionate observer and preserver of the marine environment, and has a database of over 35,000 fish pics and hundreds of Gopro videos on fish behaviour, which she shares with her readers.

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