Diving With Bull Sharks With Pro Dive Mexico (Watch Video)


Every year during the winter months (December till March), when the water temperature drops a little, between 5 and 10 bull sharks can usually be seen in the Playa del Carmen area. It is mainly females who come for breeding reasons due to the clear tropical water conditions and a lower concentration of sea salt caused by the underground fresh water rivers of the Yucatan Cenotes.

Pro Dive Mexico offers you the chance to enjoy this thrilling and fantastic experience by taking a closer look at these incredible creatures. During the trip scuba divers can take part in an educational program and learn all about these magnificent creatures.

Diving with bull sharks must be done in a controlled and safe way. For this reason, Pro Dive Mexico only sends their most experienced instructors on a bull shark dive. Divers who wish to go on a bull shark dive with Pro Dive Mexico have to meet some minimum requirements to ensure maximum safety and fun, including excellent buoyancy and air consumption skills, spotless health records, and an Open Water certification with a minimum of 25 logged dives (2 of which have to be with Pro Dive Mexico at local reefs).

Pro Dive Mexico does not support the feeding of Bull Sharks in order to avoid any disruption in their behaviour, which is that of solitary predators. As responsible divers, Pro Dive Mexico are environmental ambassadors, and work hard to protect the oceans and revere all that lives in it, including the top of the predatory food chain.

Get in touch and join Pro Dive Mexico’s pulse-pounding world-class Bull Shark adventure – visit www.prodivemex.com now!

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Susann Seifert

Susann Seifert

Susann is the Marketing Manager for Pro Dive Mexico Dive Centers. For more information visit www.prodivemex.com.

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