Divers, this exciting new BBC wildlife series needs your help!


We are super excited to share this opportunity with Scubaverse divers around the world… this is your chance to get involved with shaping the next incredible series from the BBC Natural History Unit. Can you help?!

The BBC Natural History Unit are calling upon the world’s divers to assist with a brand new series – PLANET EARTH III.

From the award-winning teams behind ‘Blue Planet II’ and ‘Dynasties’, PLANET EARTH III is a hugely ambitious new 8 part wildlife series.

We are looking for NEW and INCREDIBLE underwater animal behaviour stories to film for the series.

This could be anything from tool use, cooperative hunting strategies, territorial disputes, unusual courtship or mating or interesting predation stories…

Please get in touch with Assistant Producer Claire Thompson with any ideas. You can email Claire at claire.thompson2@bbc.co.uk

Team Scubaverse

Team Scubaverse

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